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About Us

Pennsylvania Renewable Resources Associates (PRRA) has operated the Conemaugh Hydroelectric Station since the completion of construction in 1989. The Conemaugh Hydroelectric Station is located at the Conemaugh River Lake in Saltsburg, PA The 15-mega-watt plant provides reliable, cost effective renewable energy to 10,000 Southwestern Pennsylvania families through a long term agreement with PENELEC. The Conemaugh Hydroelectric Station produces a safe, clean, renewable energy that does not deplete irreplaceable resources or contribute to the greenhouse effect. A highly trained manager and skilled assistants are responsible for the success of the plant on a day-to-day basis. Through routine inspections, preventive maintenance, and plant betterment programs, plant personnel, who live in the area, play a critical role in maintaining the plant for future generations.

PRRA has also teamed up with the US Army Corp of Engineers (USCOE) to remove an estimated 25,000 to 50,000 tons of debris from the Conemaugh Lake surface and its shoreline yearly. This combined effort has greatly improved the appearance of the lake. It also improves the shoreline habitat for a variety of wildlife species. Removing the debris from the lake has and will continue to improve the fishery and reduces costs to the taxpayers by saving the US Army Corp of Engineers the cost of removing the debris from the dam's flood gates.

As a member of the Conemaugh Valley Conservancy(CVC), PRRA assists the CVC and US ACOE in the removal of debris from the Conemaugh River Lake Section of the West Penn Trail. Together we have helped keep the bridge clear of debris so that users of the trail will have an enjoyable experience.



The local communities of Saltsburg and Conemaugh Township sponsored the plant and receive a portion of the plants revenues. This revenue is used for general municipal purposes and which help reduce the tax burden.

Fishing is popular in the areas above and below the powerhouse, particularly in the tailwater of the power house. We also take daily water quality reading at the plant, these readings can be accessed on this site under the water quality section. PRRA is constantly looking for ways to improve the wildlife and fishery habitat of the land surrounding the Conemaugh River Lake and at the same time provide clean, renewable energy for the people of Southwestern Pennsylvania for generations to come.

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